Why do my exported logs have weird symbols in the street names when I open them in Excel?

This is an issue with Microsoft Excel. If you do a quick Google search about Excel's handling of CSV files you'll find tons of websites about it. It's related to Excel's rendering of UTF-8 encoded text.

There are two easy ways to fix this:
  1. Change the filename of your exported logs from “somelogs.csv” to “somelogs.txt" and open them in Excel via the File->Open dialog. This will give you the option to choose Unicode UTF-8 encoding as the file origin, which will correctly* render the dashes in street names. Be sure to choose “Comma” as the Delimiter for the file, or the columns will not be separated in the spreadsheet.
  2. Use Google Documents to open the .csv file created by Auto Miles. Google Documents is freely available online at docs.google.com, and correctly handles UTF-8 encoded text. Your exported logs will render correctly in Google Documents.
*Well, sort of. The dashes will show up as underscores, since Excel is kind of crazy, but at least it's readable :)

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